Thanekars Team

Cultural Team

Sober, Talented, defined by language, religion, cuisine, social habits, turns ideas into actions.

Event Executers

They are responsible for planning and execution of events.

Facebook Handlers

They are responsible for handling things on Facebook.

Foodies Gang

Foodie, Enjoys trying new restaurants and cuisines.

Graphic Designers Army

Good at technology, software (Photoshop)

Health & Sports Freaks

Healthy, energetic, sporting, enthusiast, empathetic, cooperative.

Marketing Unit

Mature, Confident, Reliable, Efficient, Strategic, Influential.

News & Politics Gang

Perceptive and diplomatic, develops contacts, aware about news and politics of Thane.

Photographers Cluster

Good with camera, Possessor of a camera, creative, explorer.

Rapid Action Force

Strong, Delegates effectively, communicative.

RTI Squad

Reliable, aware about news and politics, rules and regulations, develops contacts, solves difficult problems.

Tech Gurus

They are good at tech stuff and can fix gadgets.

Travellers Troupe

Outgoing, Enthusiast, Explorer, adventurous.


They are responsible for financial activities.

Writer's Legion

Creative, Imaginative, Generates ideas, Good at languages.